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Thomas, college student, and folder of one thousand paper cranes (hence the title). Occasionally I dress up as Waldo.
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Re-reading the Pokémon Adventure manga and I only just noticed this…

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Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter.


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Pizza with extra sausage. [pillow by rockabilly dawgz]

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Eh scratch that no meet.



fuck what the fbi said

squat game extraterrestrial

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Today is the third cross country meet of the season… maybe.

Iono, I kinda don’t feel like running but on the other hand I’d be annoyed if the meet gets cancelled.


Primary project since DragonCon. This was commissioned just before the con. Personally I prefer taking some time to work on dye subs, primarily to get everything right and also because I’m still new to them. Lol this was definitely a learning experience with no stop stops lol. So many unexpected challenges popped up on this piece with so much improvisation happening lol. The print itself I did not do as well as the face shell and lenses. The print was a Taylor McManus file and printed by fabric on demand. The face shell and lenses were made by McLean. This suit isn’t perfect but I’m proud of it. Final requirements for it are shoe installation, hemming the collar and giving a good wash before sending it off to its new home. :)

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a man is selling water at a convention. the man has had a good experience with the con-goers until he sees them: a horde of furries making a beeline for his humble stand. he picks up the cooler of water and runs. he catches a glance behind him, and sure enough, they are in hot fursuit

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dropping out of school to become part of a chicken nugget cult

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Every once in a while I see these two team up and it’s great. I want them to be best friends in a little-girl-slumber-party-friends kind of way. They would bond over things like crushes and hyphenated names. 

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I get pumped around the end of August. WHAT YOU ARE SEEING IS RESTRAINT

misandryad !

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Ferguson protesters show solidarity with Hong Kong protesters & students. The power of social media as a tool in 21st century social justice movements can NOT be overstated.


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